No. This band did not form in a local pub between the sixth and the seventh beer, when the members had been drinking themselves into rockstars. No, this is a whole other story.

Once upon a time, Gábor Mayer had a dream, in which his classmate, Péter Virág was playing in a band, looking for a drummer. Actually they weren't looking for a drummer, there wasn't even a band. So they formed one. Thus began LAST FIRE, and later on in 2008 the members were finalized withthe join of Donát Kiss and Tamás 'Teddy' Becz. So the band was full. The goal was to createa unique sound, a fusion of modern heavy and thrash metal with elements from hard rock.

Their first gig was in 2008 in a rock pub in Budapest called Rocktogon. Later on they went to the studio of Práznek Tomi (ex-Superbutt) to record 2 songs: Lélekrabló and Csak a Hold követ, which songs are still hits on the concerts as well as on Youtube. After they had gigs in the most of the clubs in Budapest and in several in the country, they decided to do it in a more professional way.

The milestone was their EP released in the Autumn of 2014, containing 5 songs. It was recorded at Gábor Kovács (Wisdom guitarist). It was popularized during the tour with Alcohol in the Spring of 2015. In the same year they had a concert with the famous Hungarian band Pokolgép in Barba Negra Track, Budapest, and also had performances in Hungarian festivals like Zorall Sörolimpia, Rock on! Fest).

In 2016 they had their own tour where they had support bands always from the current city or area of the gig. They had concerts through Hungary; from Pécs to Nyíregyháza, Veszprém and Kazincbarcika to warm up the audience for their next album release...

Which was released on 2nd of April in 2018, title Eljött az időd (Your time has come). It is available on various music share sites like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music Deezer etc. On Youtube you can check their music video of Megvan-e még bennem:

The future is certain; the last fire will blaze.